Thematic sessions of the XIVth International Mining Forum:

  1. Industry 4.0 – mine integrated

    Elements of mining infrastructure responsible for energy supply and communication are indispensable elements of safe and effective production system. Industry 4.0 is an idea placing completely new requirements on mining sector.

    What potential troubles may be encountered by industrial Internet of Things during implementation in underground mining? What are chances and perspectives of using the latest technology advancements, especially analytical methods and algorithms of machine learning using Big Data? Can implementation of industrial Internet of Things and new methods of data analysis change the realities of mines and miners? These problems, along with innovative solutions for energy supplying, control and communication will be the main subject of „Industry 4.0 – mine integrated” session.

  2. New techniques and technologies in mineral processing

    Mineral processing is determining efficiency of the excavation processes by giving minerals characteristics of a tradable good.

    Rising demand on mineral resources, especially those qualified as strategic or critical, is making it necessary to carefully choose technological processes considering increasing their productivity and efficiency in mineral extracting from both primary and secondary deposits. With the help of the latest advancements in mineral processing technology we are able to find new solutions, allowing us to create a product of expected quality, meeting a number of economic and environmental requirements. These solutions are especially important in post-production waste management.

    Session „New techniques and technologies in mineral processing” will allow us to exchange knowledge and technical ideas about extracting mineral elements from primary deposits as well as many kinds of waste material. We hope the meeting will be an opportunity for participants to share their experience from everyday industrial practice of implementing innovative techniques and technologies in mineral processing and confront them with results of laboratory research on perfecting these processes. 

  3. Coal Mine Methane as a mineral resource

    Coal mine methane can be used as an easily accessible resource in production of heat and electricity.

    In light of planned international environmental regulations, soon the effective management of methane may become an economically-driven necessity. What is more, usage of coal mine methane is important for reasons both ecological, considering the fact that emission of methane to atmosphere has a significant impact on global warming, and social, because reducing pollution created by combustion of solid fuels results in increase in life quality in mining regions, and diversification of mines’ products gives a chance to save, at least partially, jobs in mining sector, which are slowly declining along with the progressing decarbonisation of industry.

  4. New techniques and technologies in mining

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