International Mining Forum 2017: Mining of the future - New Problems and Solutions.

29.06.2017 THURSDAY,
Localization: Pniówek MINE, 
debate from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM – Plenary session: Mining of the future – problems and solutions

10:00Daniel Ozon, JSW SA – JSW S.A. development strategy seen from the angle of innovative actions in coal – coke process
10:20Mirosław Urbański JP Morgan - Financial attractiveness of the mining industry in the light of global mining projects
10:35Złotowski Mateusz PKO - Poland Macro Outlook 2017
10:50Stefan Świątkowski - KGHM Polska Miedź - Perspectives and development strategy of KGHM Polska Miedź SA
11:05Tomasz Rogala PGG - Ideas and development directions for Polska Grupa Górnicza till 2030
11:20Krzysztof Szlaga, LW "Bogdanka" – LW Bogdanka SA – strategy of production domain in Enea Capital Group in the perspective of 2030
11:35Zdzisław Filip, TAURON Wydobycie S.A.- Sustainable development strategy of TAURON Wydobycie to 2030
11:50Mirosław Bendzera, Famur SA - FAMUR SA – proven solutions, global coverage
12:05Signing a JSW-Advicom-Famur letter of intent
12:10Coffee break
12:30Henryk Paszcza, ARP Katowice – Reorganization of the Polish coal mining industry – history, present and future presumptions
12:45Martin Junker, RAG Mining Solutions - Reorganization and technological advances in the German coal industry
13:00Roman Dyczkowski – Actual state and future of the coal mining industry in Ukraine
13:15Jerzy Kicki, PAN/AGH – Polish Mining Congress 2017 – important meeting of the mining industry
13:30Dean Thornewell – Komatsu Mining as an Innovative Company
13:45Signing a JSW-AGH letter of intent
13:50Signing a JSW-Mining OK letter of intent
14:40Józef Dubiński, Antoni Tajduś, Marek Cała - Mining of the future – Problems and Solutions
14:55Robert Szczotka, ABB - Industry 4.0 in the underground mining, trends, best practices, implementations
15:10Ulrich Paschedag – Challenges of the Coal Mining 4.0
15:25Ryszard Biernacki, KGHM PM SA – Vision for the mine of the future in strategic operation of KGHM Polska Miedź SA
15:40John Pala, Palaris – Integrated systems management approach to geology, mine planning, coal washing and marketing
15:55Chris Reardon - DESWIK - Deswik's IT tools to support mine production
16:10Matt Dyson, Australian Drilling Systems – Underground directional drilling equipment, expertise and services including rig systems, equipment and staffing covering all aspects of drilling. Effective mine ventilation solutions suitable for a wide range of applications including methane drainage.
16:25Signing a JSW-JZR-ABB letter of intent
16:30Coffie Break
16:45Michael Myszkowski, CAT – Longwall 2020 – High performance low seam extraction
17:00Sebastian Mundry, CAT – Longwall 2020 – Strivity for autonomous longwall
17:15Signing a JSW-JZR-Caterpillar letter of intent
17:20Stanisław Prusek - Stability of longwall and gateroad excavations as a key to effective hard coal mining in Poland
17:35Krzysztof Krauze, AGH – Mechanization, automation and robotization in the Polish mining industry – current state, intentions and possibilities
17:50Jan Palarski, Silesian University of Technology – Coal mining operation, mine infrastructure and management, unconventional use of coal deposits.
18:05End of session – return to hotel

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