Promotion and advertising during IMF 2017

In conjunction with International Mining Forum 2017, all companies interesting in presenting their operations to IMF’s participants from Poland and abroad have a chance to promote themselves. 

Below please find the main commercial options available for you to participate in IMF 2017. 

  1. Platinum Sponsor IMF 2017
  2. Gold Sponsor IMF 2017
  3. Silver Sponsor IMF 2017
  4. Bronze Sponsor IMF 2017
  5. Patron of a Lecture
  6. Sponsor of a Prestigious Social Gathering
  7. Corporate Presentations
  8. Exhibition including a box and roll-up banner
  9. Advertisement on multimedia screens
  10. Display of a roll-up banner
  11. Information Circular – cover, first page
  12. Information Circular – cover, second and third page
  13. Information Circular – cover, fourth page
  14. Information Circular – internal page
  15. IMF conference materials on a CD
  16. Advertisement on IMF’s website
  17. Logo on the IMF program 

Details are available by phone: +48 608 186 594 or by e-mail: [email protected]remove-this.imf2017.pl

Additional information:

1. Please submit your purchase orders by the following deadlines:

a) 15 May 2017 for publications,

b) 31 May 2017 for advertisements on the website,

c) 31 May 2017 for exhibitions during IMF.

Please contact us by phone after the elapse of the above deadlines.

2. Please contact the IMF Office directly for advertisements in publications and promotional offers outside the scope of this offer.

3. Please submit your purchase order for an advertisement on the form attached to this offer. 

Contact: IMF Office, tel. 608 186 594 e-mail: [email protected]

IMF Organizer:

SITG oddział Rybnik (Rybnik Branch of the Polish Association of Mining Engineers and Technicians)
ul. Piasta 28, 44-200 Rybnik
Taxpayer ID number: 634-013-75-57