Telecommunication systems, monitoring and visualization of underground mining processes

June 30, 2017.  


Coordinator from the Management Office of JSW: J.Dzierżęga ([email protected], +48 32 756 4619)

TITLE: Telecommunication systems, monitoring and visualization of underground mining processes


Presentations (time of each presentation 15 minutes)

Session chairman: 
dr hab. inż. Antoni Wojaczek, prof. of Silesian University of Technology    

10:00 10:15 Antoni Wojaczek (Pol. Śl.) Role of telecommunication in modern underground mine (introduction of the session).
10:15 10:30 P. Wojtas, A. Goleń. M. Wojtas (CNP EMAG, TELVIS).   Optimization of exploitation processes by mine digitalization according to the idea of Industry 4.0.  
10:30 10:45 A. Kowalski, G. Mirek. (TELVIS, KWK B-Z-J). New possibilities for communication systems integration in underground mines – Integration of the emergency system SAT in three Collieries of Borynia – Zofiówka – Jastrzębie Mine. 
10:45 11:00 Borkowski L., Stach R. (KGHM) One control room in Polkowice-Sieroszowice Mine
11:00 11:15 Paszek A. (HASO) Expanding the capabilities of the integrated security system CST for digital data acquisition and intrinsically safe data and video transmission
11:15 11:30 Sokół S. (RNT) MOLOS platform as a modern tool for monitoring technical efficiency, movement parameters and energy efficiency of equipment operated in mining plants
11:30 11:45 Heyduk A. (Pol. Śl.) Utilization of monitoring and visual granulometric analysis of coal – the new way of coal identification
11:45 12:00    
12:00 12:15 Wojaczek A., Kołodziejczyk P. (Pol. Śl.) Towards modern radio systems for underground mines
12:15 12:30 Cierpisz T., Głowacki D. (SYBET) Wireless communication, monitoring and crew tracking systems in copper mines
12:30 12:45 Kubecki P. (TRANZ-TEL) Localization and identification of people as a way of enhancing crew safety in underground mines
12:45 13:00 Lubryka J. (BECKER) Digital connection system of BeckerCom type – experiences from the operation of Piast-Ziemowit Mine
13:00 13:15 Sikora M. (ELEKTROMETAL) EMLOK-16 – mining localization system. 
13:15 13:30 (BECKER) Surveillance system for transport resources and people identification of BWTracer type by Becker-Warkop Company in ENEA LW Bogdanka Mine.
13:30 13:45 Janowicz M. (ABB Polska) Integrated solutions in the field of mining enterprise management
13:45 14:00 Isakow Z., Kubańska A. (EMAG) Integrated system monitoring rock burst hazards in mines
14:00 15:00   Lunch