Mining industry in the circular economy

JUNE 30, 2017. 

LOCALIZATION: JSW Management Office, room 502
TITLE: Mining industry in the circular economy

Coordinator from the Management Office of JSW: J. Majchrzak ([email protected], +48 32 756 4616)

Presentations (time of each presentation 15 minutes)

Session chairman:
Dr hab. inż. Radosław Pomykała, Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering AGH

10:00 10:15 Dr hab. inż. Radosław Pomykała, dr hab. inż. Barbara Tora (AGH) Role of the mining industry in in the circular economy.
10:15 10:30 Dr hab. inż. Tadeusz Olkuski, prof. dr. hab. inż. Barbara Tora (AGH) Energy efficiency in the mining industry.
10:30 10:45 R. Orlik, P. Pasiowiec (Progress Eco), V. Cablik, M. Hlavata (VSB TU Otrava) Re-flotation of coal from the Hermanowice pile.
10:45 11:00 Grażyna Pajor, Arkadiusz Mańka (ZGH Bolesław S.A.)
prof. dr hab. inż. Barbara Tora (AGH Kraków)
Enrichment of flotation tailings from zinc and lead ore processing.
11:00 11:15 Dr inż. Waldemar Kępys, dr hab. inż. Radosław Pomykała (AGH) Separated bottom ashes from the fluidized bed boilers as a compound of sealing and backfilling suspensions.
11:15 11:30 Z. Filip, J. Czarnecki, R. Przystaś (TAURON Wydobycie S.A.), B. Tora, R. Pomykała (AGH) Waste-free mine – good practices in Tauron Wydobycie.
11:30 11:45 Prof. dr hab. inż. Marek Cała, prof. dr hab. inż. Jan Adamczyk, mgr inż. Mateusz Blajer, mgr inż. Agnieszka Stopkowicz (AGH) Cement and aggregate mixtures with mining waste materials as the material used in constructing earth structures.
11:45 12:00 Tadeusz Koperski (Haldex), Zygmunt Łukaszczyk Retrieval of recyclable materials from mining waste.
12:00 12:30    
12:30 12:45 Dr hab. inż. Barbara Tora (AGH), Jan J. Hycnar (Ecocoal), Radosław Pomykała, dr inż. Wiesław Żmuda, Stanisław Budzyń, Mariusz Krzak (AGH) Coal-water fuels – constituents, properties, utilization.
12:45 13:00 Zygmunt Łukaszczyk Green energy from methane mine gas.
13:00 13:15 Dr hab. inż. Anna Ostręga (AGH) Recuperation of post-mining areas for services and culture purposes – European experiences and proposition for Silesia.
13:15 13:30 Tadeusz Koperski (Haldex) Organizational innovations as a source of systemic implementation of economy based on the circular economy waste rule using innovative technologies.
13:30 14:00   Discussion
14:00 15:00   Lunch