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“Development that meets the needs of the present generation without undermining the capacity of future generations to meet their needs”. That is how, for the first time, sustainable development was defined by Brundtland Comission. Sustainable development is based on on social, economical and environmental pillars. Each of these pillars are addressed in the speaches given at the International Mining Forum.

Having been updated with new technological solutions, an interesting picture is given of the experiences of different countries in the field of sustainable development. Without a doubt, those countries that first put it into practice, have the most experience in applying such progress. Such trial are, I think, important in understanding the subsequent results.

Mining is a very specific activity with strong social impacts, and a radical influence on the environment. It is therefore very sensitive to the ideals of sustainable development. The up-to-date effects of implementation have not been as successful as one would have hoped. It is our vision, that thanks to forums such as this, queries can be addressed, ecosystems improved and new inter-personal relations formed and strenghtened.


This work comprises technical papers that were presented at the International Mining Forum in Kraków-Szczyrk –Wieliczka, Poland, held on 23-27 February 2005.

The major themes of IMF 2005 were:

  • New technology in underground mining,
  • Safety on mines,
  • Mining under conditions of sustainable development.

Numerous fields of the world’s mining industry prove that besides sustainable development being possible, there are also new developments within these sector. Needless to mention this is due to consumers’ demand for energy and resources.

This book is addressed to researchers and professionals who work in the fields of underground mining technology, rock engineering or mine management.

The topics discussed in this book are:

  1. Royalties in European Community Countries
  2. The problems of mine closure,
  3. Rock engineering problems in underground mines,
  4. Trends in the mining industry,
  5. New solutions and tendencies in underground mining technology,
  6. The impact of mining technology on the environment,
  7. The chosen GIS application,
  8. Some methods of mineral projects risk analysis,
  9. Current problems of Chinese coal mines.

The International Mining Forum was held thanks to the support of the Chair of Underground Mining, the Faculty of Mining and Rock Engineering of the University of Science and Technology (AGH), Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of Polish Academy of Science in Cracow, KGHM Polska Miedz SA, Jastrzebska Coal Company, Katowice Coal Holding, CUPRUM Ltd, MIDO Ltd, MMDE ZOK Ltd., ELGÓR+HANSEN SA. The organizers would also like to express their gratitude to all the other individuals, companies and institutions, who helped in bringing the Forum into being. We hope that the Forum will throw new light on mining and will encourage the exchange of interesting experiences!


Jerzy Kicki

Chairman of the Organizing Committee 2005


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