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24-28 February 2014, Hotel Qubus Krakow, Poland
Together with the presentation of the „I2Mine” project on 27.02.2014


The Organising Committee of the International Mining Forum and the partners of the „I2Mine” project implemented within the European Union funds, would like to invite you to participate in a special session presenting the current results of the main directions of research carried out in the project.


Funding has been secured from the European Commission 7th Framework Programme for the I2Mine project and work started in November 2011. This initiative to focuses on the technological challenges the mining industry is currently facing including the exploitation of ever deeper deposits and the aspiration for an invisible, safe, zero impact mine. The project is undertaken by a consortium of 26 organisations from 10 European countries.

The I2Mine (Innovative Technologies and Concepts for the Intelligent Deep Mine of the Future) project marks the start of a series of activities designed to realise the concept of an invisible, zero-impact mine. It will concentrate on the development of technologies suitable for deep mining activities.

The „I2Mine” session will be held in Krakow, in the Juliusz Slowacki theater within the International Mining Forum 2014 which will take part during 23rd School of Underground Mining (


The „I2Mine” session will include the following topics:

  • Mine wide information and control systems
  • Novel mining and underground processing methods
  • Rock Mechanics and Ground Control
  • Innovative machinery for deep underground mine
  • Application, Demonstration, Validation
  • Health and safety and environmental aspects in future deep mining
  • Communication, dissemination and societal issues


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