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February 18-21, 2009,

CRACOVIA HOTEL, Cracow, Poland

The International Mining Forum was first held in 1998. The Forum is a meeting of scientists and professionals who, together with the organizers, establish ambitious aims to confront ideas and experiences, evaluate implemented solutions, and discuss new ideas that might change the image of the mining industry. The International Mining Forum is an event accompanying the School of Underground Mining, organized since 1992 under the auspices of AGH - University of Science and Technology and the Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The motto of the School is the beautiful thought of professor Boleslaw Krupinski, a scientist well known in the world's mining community, the founder and organizer of International Mining Congresses. It goes as follows:

‘Miner always was, is and will be a man of technical and social progress, because only progress, infinite perfection of social and technical work conditions, allows a miner to discover the secrets of the Earth, to explore its treasures, to conquer them for the common benefit, to reverse the dangers, which are caused by nature, to provide the country with forces of nature'.

For another time a complete set of papers presented at the International Mining Forum will be published by the prestigious Balkema AA Publishing House, owed by Taylor and Francis, London.

The major themes of IMF 2009 are going to be:

  • Issues of Deep Mining,
  • Directions and Development of Present-Day Mining.

We believe that the international meeting of miners in the old royal city of Cracow, together with special visit to one of the most beautiful world's mining monuments - Wieliczka Salt Mine, has its deep meaning and will be an unforgettable memory for those who value traditional miners' friendship and solidarity'. T

This year co-organizer of International Mining Forum is PAMAV - Polish Association of Mineral Asset Valuators.


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